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What is Palestine Documentation Center

Palestine Agency, Inc.
Palestine Documentation Center
Incorporated May 20, 1997
Commonwealth of Virginia, USA
A not-for-profit corporation
Dedicated to Serve, Committed to Represent

“The purpose or purposes for which the corporation is organized

To represent the rights and legal interest of Palestinians living outside the jurisdiction of the Palestinian Authority; to represent the legal and economic interests of those Palestinians exiled from Palestine in 1947-48, and the war the 1967 war, and otherwise those who have property rights and economic interests in areas controlled and administered by the State of Israel; to represent the legal, economic, human, health, social and educational interests and rights of those Palestinians livening in countries outside of the areas administered by the State of Israel and the Palestinian Authority; the establishment of the Palestine National Land Fund and the establishment of offices in countries with substantial Palestinian “communities”; to assist in the repatriation and facilitation and absorption of Palestinians returning from exiles; to assist and coordinate between and among international relief agencies, the United Nation’s agencies, and other relief bodies established by the international community to assist Palestinians; to provide legal an economic assistance to Palestinian immigrants throughout the world; also to engage in any lawful act or activity for which corporations may be organized under the general corporation laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

The corporation shall not have any capital stock and the conditions of membership shall be stated in the by-laws”

All members shall have the right to vote, based on the rule of one-person one vote.

Sami Jamil Jadallah, incorporator
Fairfax, VA 22033, USA

Membership Objectives

Palestine Agency shall go out and seek membership among Palestinian communities around the world with the goal of having at least one million members registered by the end of 2007. The Palestine Agency represents its members, but does not compete with the PLO and is not a substitute for the PLO, and the PLO is not a substitute for the Palestine Agency.

GOALS/ Mission

Palestine Agency/ Palestine Documentation Center shall be that organizations supported and managed by competent professionals and corrupt free officials, that will be the representative of the Palestinians in Exile/Diaspora (membership) and will have a seat at the table representing the Palestinians in the host countries and who are members of the Palestine Agency. The management will be accountable to its membership.


Every person who defines himself or herself as Palestinian and or of Palestinian origin qualifies for membership.  Every man, woman and child qualifies for membership with the right to vote. Family membership includes grand parents, parents and children born inside or outside of Palestine.


Each Palestinian community in Exile/Diaspora will have the rights to elect from the membership a representative(s) who shall sit on the board of directors of the Palestine Agency. To make sure there is true representation with maximum input, there will be Terms Limits for directors and officers, with commitment to Transparency and Accountability within the organization.  Palestine Agency is free and independent of the PLO, the PA, Israel and the US or for that matter all Arab countries. The Palestine Agency is not a “front” for any one, and refuses to have custodians and masters or serve as proxy for any of the above-mentioned organizations or governments.

The Palestine Agency/ Palestine Documentation Center Bro Bono Legal and Consulting firm
It takes a difference to make a difference
We need at least 200 professionals to join the team

If the Palestine Agency/ Palestine Documentation Center is to make a difference and represent the membership in the most competent and professional way.
We need professionals with experience in the following fields among other; lawyers and legal experts in civil and criminal litigation, corporate, finance, property law and real estate, reparations and repatriations and settlements, absentee laws, fraud and embezzlement, international law and international tribunal, international law, mandate and trusteeship laws, military law and military occupation and war crimes, wars and conflicts, terrorism and experts in Ottoman, British Mandate, British, US, Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, and Syrian laws  We need professionals and experts in economics, statistics, compensation, insurance, trauma experts, refugees, conflict resolutions experts, scientists, water and land use expert, engineers, investigative reporters, civil and criminal investigators, expert court witnesses, transportation, comparative religion. Experts on Israel, on Jewish terrorist organizations, Judaism, Zionism, Jewish and Zionist organizations in Israel and outside of Israel. Experts on Israeli/Jewish Settlements, and Jewish Settlers movements and organizations. Experts and historians on Arab properties in Palestine of 48 and experts on land deeds and property laws of Jordan, the Ottoman Empire, England and Israel. Equally important are social scientists, historians, psychologists, and sociologists and mental health experts. These professionals and experts are asked to join the team and make a difference forming the team of experts. Its own members will manage the Legal and Consulting Firm with open elections for managing directors and executives. The team will investigate, prepare and file civil and criminal actions against former and current Israeli officials, former and current members of the Israeli Defense Forces and Border Guards, against Zionist and Settlers organizations in Israel, in the US and in Europe.

We need to keep in mind that Jewish and Zionist organizations where very successful in tracking and brining to justice war criminals including prison guards, where successful in recovering Jewish properties stolen and confiscated by governments and individuals and were able to recover compensations in the hundreds of $ billions from countries like Germany, Switzerland and many countries in the former Soviet Union. Jewish and Zionist organizations and individuals have formed an organization is Israel that is planning to file civil and criminal law suites against Arab governments and countries seeking hundreds of $ billions in compensation and seeking recovery of all Jewish properties in the Arab world. The danger is that, with the support of the US, and collusions of some Arab countries, there will be a swap and the Palestinian Diaspora will end up losers with rights and claims lost forever. 

There is whole lot of work to be done, and it will take lots of smarts, dedications, competence, professionalism and courage to make a difference. Let us for the first time take charge of our own lives and show the world that we can take care of our own.