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What is Palestine Documentation Center

Palestine Agency/Palestine Documentation Center was established with the mission and vision to seek the legal representations of Palestinians with properties left behind in Israel after its establishment in 48 and Palestinians who lost their property to Israeli settlers and settlements and whose property was taken over, and or destroyed by Israel Defense Forces, Jewish settlers and or Jewish/Zionist organizations within Israel or outside of Israel... [Read more]

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You can contact us at anytime and we will try to answer to your questions as soon as possible.
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Palestine Agency/ Palestine Documentation Center shall be that organization representing millions of Palestinians in Exile/Diaspora (membership) and will have a seat at the table as your representatives making sure that your rights are not sold or waived away. The Palestine Agency/ Palestine Documentation Center will strive to recruit the smartest, the brightest, the most dedicated and competent group of professionals among Palestinians and friends of Palestine to represent you and represent your best interest in countries where you live and in any final settlement, if any.

Every person who defines himself or herself as Palestinian and or of Palestinian origin qualifies for membership. Every man, woman and child qualifies for membership with the right to vote. Family membership includes grand parents, parents and children born inside or outside of Palestine.

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We need professionals to join our Pro Bono legal and consulting firm that will be the professional arm of the Palestine Agency/ Palestine Documentation Center.
We need professionals with experience in the following fields among other; lawyers and legal experts in civil and criminal litigation, corporate, finance, property law and real estate, reparations and repatriations and settlements, fraud and embezzlement, international law and international tribunal, international law, mandate and trusteeship laws, military law and military occupation and war crimes, wars and conflicts, terrorism and experts in Ottoman, British Mandate, British, US, Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, and Syrian laws  We need professionals and experts in statistics, compensation, insurance, trauma experts, refugees, conflict resolutions experts, scientists, water and land use expert, engineers, investigative reporters, civil and criminal investigators, expert court witnesses, transportation, comparative religion. Experts on Israel, Judaism, Zionism, Jewish and Zionist organizations in Israel and outside of Israel. Experts on Israeli/Jewish Settlements, and Jewish Settlers movements and organizations. Experts and historians on Arab properties in Palestine of 48 and experts on land deeds and property laws of Jordan, the Ottoman Empire, England and Israel. These professionals and experts are asked to join the team and make a difference forming the team of experts. Its own members will manage the Legal and Consulting Firm with open elections for managing directors and executives.

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